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Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. It's been raining quite a bit here in VA and it's been too muddy to ride safely so I have the kids working on the groundwork principles we found on your site. I love it and they love it--it is a very rewarding process. We have a 5 yo TB who is broke to ride (not by us) and a 1 yo paint. What I find most interesting is the encouragement that you give on training your own horses. I was getting really worried because quite a few people told us to send our horses away to be trained-that it's next to impossible to train and/or break your own horse-Well I'm one of those people who have more time than money and your site is right up my alley :) I will also check out the yahoo group for more info. Thank you for providing such good, sensible information. We do appreciate it here in Partlow!!!!

My daughter set me onto your site, and I do enjoy it. Like my daughter, I do love horses, but to watch and look at and read stories about, not to actually touch, let alone ride. My daughter makes up for me though, she likes doing all those things and does them. It was a pleasent surprise to find out there is such an organization for horses!! Keep up the good work and I will continue to enjoy the written results. By the way my daughter is a grown woman, now, with a family of her own, and is a fan of yours also.

Your site is so KOOL! I love it, especially the picture of the day contest. It's all very informative. Thanks for having putting such an interesting, and helpful site on the web. Gina

This is a GREAT site!!! I was searching to find what roan meant and found you. You have everything! I was able to find out about saddle parts,caring for horses,retraining bad habits and all in one place. I am getting back into horseback riding after a long time away and your site has the answers to almost anything anyone could think of. Thank you so much.

Dear Equusite, I love your website! It is filled with lots of useful information. The horses in the photo gallery are great picks. Your information has helped me to fix problems with my American Quarter Horse gelding Thanks for a great website!

Hi! It's been quite a while since I've visited your site and I really like the changes!!I truly enjoy your photo submissions from viewers, what a wonderful assortment. Warm regards from Alaska,

Greetings! Kimberly doing some ground driving with Sage.Your site is WONDERFUL!!! I am so glad to have found it! Your information is strait and to the point and has given us step by step proceedures to try and suceed with our animals! Other sites talk about joining up or gaining trust or tell you that you need to get this or that results but do not tell you the how or why or it. Yours does! My mother has recently aquired a little arab gelding. I've forwared this site on her and she love it too! She is using your halter training tips, even though he is fully trained. She's bringing everything back to basics and going through all your training and riding lessons to make sure he is fully educated. (note: he is halter broke in 4 of the 6 directions, but she is working with him on the other 2) I am working with a friend who has 13 horses in various stages of education. 2 of them are my projects. One is an 3 year old arab gelding who i am working on ground work leading to riding. The latest progress comment was that he looked like a trained circus horse as he is so calm and willing to perform every task asked of him. Your tips and lessons have helped me communicate to my best with him. I attribute much of my advancement with him to your site as i continually come back for more information on my next steps with him. My second project horse has had a hard life and has some 'phobias' about things. Your site has given me insites on her possible thinking and has helped me work with her. She is buddy sour, and i think has head confinement issues. We are successfully working on these and i think she is coming to trust me and see me as a companion. She no longer runs from me in the feild and now actually chases the other horses away from me when I come out in the field. I think she's 'caught' me! There are a few other people who are working with some of the other horses. Skills range from completely novice (first time on or around a horse) to having had years of lessons. I hope it was alright but i printed one or two of your articles on topics that some of the others have been having problems with and left them in the tack room. All of them have asked for the web site and have later made comments about haveing been here and have gained knowlege from one article or another! I get choked up thinking how much better everyone is treating the horses because of the insites gained by reading your articles. And my heart burst thinking about how the horses are feeling toward us all because of the understanding your site has given us all! Keep up the good work!~

Hi Equusite- I so enjoy your site. It is very imformative. Something new everyday! I have used your "trick training" to teach my horse a few amusing things. As a matter of fact Equusite is my home page when I sign on to the internet. I love voting on all the different horse pictures daily! Thank you and God Bless.

dear Equusite, i'm new to horse-riding and i've been at it for a few months and love it. i found your website brilliant cos i luv grooming and was unsure that i woz doing it right. THANKS FOR MAKING THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!

Cheyenne, Patience Learning to wait I would just like to profoundly thank you for your site. It has been a source of valuable information and learning for me. My first horse was an Arabian that almost killed me. From that while I was still healing from my injuries I found Cheyenne, a quarter horse that was 3 1/2 years old and never taught to lead or trust humans. He will be 5 in March of next year and he is the first horse I have tried to train and when I started I knew nothing about training horses. I have bought books, Starting Colts and Reining and asked questions, visited sites on the net, asked trainers, watched and studied more and more. I still have problems with my horse as he so spirited but we are doing quite well for neither of us knowing anything. I can ride him now, he sidesteps for me, backs nicely, can throw a rope from him and rope a barrel and drag it around and he does not go ballistic now. Have problems with him getting headstrong and not wanting to do something and fighting the bit but he is learning that we will continue to go back to that area again and again until we do what he didn't want to. When I run into something I access your site and look for info about what happened that day in training. I have printed many of your articles out that when I go to work I take them along and study when I can. Did not mean to ramble on but I really appreciate your site and the info you have available and am looking forward to progressing more and more with my horse and polishing him and myself together. Thank you so very much.

Thank you Wayne. You have made our day.

"This is such a terrific site. Young, old, novice, pro everyone can enjoy and benifit." ~ anonymous

"Thank you for providing quality and indepth articles. I have been searching for lunging articles unsuccessfully. I show lungline (very successfully) and have been looking for quality articles. Most of the articles I find are fluff for me but necessary for novices. Thank you for a wonderful site. I've marked it a favorite so I can return. Best Wishes" ~

"Your method as mentioned allows the trainer to perform the same on the ground as riding and using aids would result, but...with, in my opinion...less resistance. Just wanted to write a Thank You, please continue to do the good work with your words. I will be anxious to perform the excercise on my ol' guy...and if you don't mind will keep you updated.!!!!" ~

"Very impressive site!! I have learned so much in the past few days from just browsing your site. Great job!!!!" ~

"What a great website! I live in Egypt with my five horses and my boyfriend, and we are both very interested in natural horsemastership. I also manage a stud farm of pure Egyptian Arab horses, so i am enjoying using the natural techniques on the new colts and fillies. I really like the way your site is set up, the option to email articles to friends, and the "everyday" useful nature of the subjects you address - perfect, thank you!" ~ anonymous

"Just wanted to tell you your web site is GREAT!!!!" ~ Carol

"I have used your lesson to teach my horse to bow, and it works great. We were at a 4H region show, and somehow it became a contest of tricks, during the awards presentation, one region trying to do more than the other. There was lying down, counting, and spinning. My daughter trotted out, and had her horse bow. She came up with her ears full of dirt, and a mouth full of oats. The crowd loved it." ~

"Hi Cheryl, I try to visit eguusite site often. I really enjoy this site and you have done a great job." ~ JD

"Hi! This site is great, it's so informative!! I loved all the articles I read! It was fun the way you showed how to teach your horse tricks - I can't wait to try it on my 4yr old gelding! Also, I found the article and sensitizing and de-sensitizing really interesting and hope it is useful to me when training my horse! And as well as good info there's some great fun stuff to do here! Great!!!" ~ Danielle

"Hi, Cheryl. My name is Debra. I have just found your web site and I am finding the more I read the more understanding I am of horses. Thank you for this. I will continue to learn as I look for the right horse(s). Thank you again for your time. I hope I didn't take any time from your son. Congrats!! If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to help. I am open for anything you may have." ~

"great site i love it!" ~ anonymous

"Thanks you so much, Cheryl! I appreciate your quick response. You did a great job laying your instructions out for me and I'll get started ASAP. This will be a good experience for me as well as the horse. Once again, Thank you." ~ April

"Hi, Cheryl. My name is Debra. I have just found your web site and I am finding the more I read the more understanding I am of horses. Thank you for this. I will continue to learn as I look for the right horse(s). Thank you again for your time. I hope I didn't take any time from your son. Congrats!! If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to help. I am open for anything you may have." ~

"Your site is the most informative, concise and best advice I've ever read in my life. I'm looking forward to implementing your techniques on a new 6 yr old Arab I just purchased from a young woman who became afraid of her natural skittish nature and she's just spoiled rotten due to no discipline. It's been a few years since I've started from the ground up, but with your articles and starting from scratch as you've suggested I'm sure she's going to turn out to be the best horse I've ever owned. Again, thank you and please keep this website up." ~ Amy Lagud

"Hi! Came across your website quite by accident doing a search for Paul McGreevy. He had been recommended to me in relation to furthuring education in the study of operant conditioning. The site is phenomenal. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for writing such an erudite concise representation of my (relatively) new found philosophies. I've learned more in the last two years than I have in the last 30!" ~ Deborah Hoffrichter

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this is the best equine website around. It is easy to understand and gives tons of information. The canadian horse annual likes to think of you as an online monthly mag. Keep up the great work!" ~ anonymous

"this is a great site." ~ ponypal

"I consider my self a pretty smart woman and run a large inpatient psychiatric facility. However, even after buying many books on horse training, reading magazines and so on, I could never get the hang of it. I know it should be simple to a point but I get confused by the directions. John Lyons is especially overwhelming. I have a 4 year old I sent out to train but now I need to continue on the basic training myself. I also found my older horse is pregnant and am deciding if it makes sense to keep the colt/filly and do some basic training with it (I sure hope you have that on your web site). I just wanted to write and say from what I've seen, your info is very understandable and gives me hope that I too can do it. Thank you so much!" ~ Leonor Rodriguez

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I read and re-read every article that you have posted and am trying your methods out on my 2 year old paint gelding. I want him to have a solid foundation and really enjoy your website with all of the insight and inspiration it offers! Thank you so much for this wonderful site!" ~

"I'm a veterinary student and i'm going to start a internship tomorrow in a riding club and I have never been around horses before. I was very nervous and scared because I didnt know anything about dealing with horses. I know about dogs very well, but horses? Then I got to equusite.com and I've got very good tips and I feel much better and confident. I had to thank you for that! thank you very much" ~

"Just wanted to send a note to say "Thank You" for using my photo of Sophia and Rashad for the picture of the day that will be shown on 9-13-01, and entering it in the other contests! Your site is alot of fun! Keep up the good work!!" ~

"I stumbled across your site while searching for colour and markings info for a course i teach in animal control. Your site is FANTASTIC!! It is so well set out and has great quality info and pictures. well done." ~

" Thanx !!! I just bought two registered quaterhorse/paints. I have spent all afternoon on your site reviewing all my horse sense, your site caught my eye because it had all commonsense techniques and great mounds of useful information. I admit i was a little scared at the prospects of trianing two foals!! After touring your site and knowing that i can return for more advice i can't wait to get started!! thanx again ever so much" ~

"This is a great idea, and a wonderful site." ~

"Just wanted to let you know that you have a Great web-site! My husband and I are looking at buying or leasing a horse. We spent hours on the internet looking for information. Today I went into my "Favourites", went to your site, typed in 'leasing', and within seconds had all the information I needed! Next time, I will start with your site!" ~

"We have a thoroughbred that is six years old and a little lively. Your training really helped. And my quarter horse that is seventeen can do alot of the tricks." ~

"I think your website is fantastic! It is a great way for children to learn about horses, and gain more responsibilty, yet have fun. I printed out the games and stuff to take to my HorseClub meeting this week-end. Where do you find all of your information? It is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!" ~

"I really love your analogies that you use to help people understand the effect they have on their horse. The way you write really helped me to understand. I read and think " oh, yeah that's what everyone tried to tell me!" Thanks for being here and keep up the great work." ~ Dorothy

"I just had to tell you how much I love this site!! It's the best on the net, keep up the good work. I just got my first horse about a month ago, she's a 16.2 hand black TB mare, and the sweetest in the world! I love you guys and thank you soooo soooo much for this great horsie site!!" ~ Nicole

"I read and tried your info on sensitizing/desensitizing and used it on a young horse that I have had a hard time working around his ears (he was ear twitched as a baby). It's working!!! I've been working with him all a long but this has gave me a plan to use every day. I can't wait to incorporate it in all our training! Thanks." ~ anonymous

"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I have a 3 year old APHA gelding. I have been having problems with him lipping and now biting. I have recently moved and all my horse friends and trainer are miles away, until I found your web site I was at a stand still. Yes, I can always call my trainer, however she is no longer close enough to see the problems and advise me on the correct way to correct my horse. So, Thank you for this web site, I very much needed your information on biting." ~ Kimberly

"Hi! Just a note to let you know I have really enjoyed your site. I was thrilled when I came across your article about blind equines. My daughter's horse has only about 20% of his eyesight left and she is upset about what may happen when totally lose's his sight. She still ride's him and always soothes him when there is any type of loud noise, like a car, ect. I am amazed by his calmness when she is on him. I am going to make sure she reads your article and I am sure it will make her feel much better about her horse. Thanks again!" ~ Lynda

"I am very interested in horses and I was trying to find a site that could tell me what the parts of an English saddle were. I came across your site and not only did I find out the parts of an English saddle, but I found lots of very useful information. I am trying learn as much information about horses and buying a horse, and I just wanted to let you know that your site is VERY useful!" ~ Kelsey Taylor

"What a wonderful website, very impressive." ~ Amy Wolfinger

"I'm a novice from Ohio. My girlfriend told me to learn about horses. With this site i'm sure I'll do good. Thanks for all the help(I needed it). This is the best site. This site will definetly be in my favorites and I will tell everone about it. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!" ~ Joe M.

"Hello Cheryl, Thank You for the training tips on Halter Breaking, Etc. It has been a big help I just bought a weanling and just as soon as he settles in, I'll be workng with him. Your Training articles really helped me alot." ~ Sharon

"Thanks for making this exceptional web site a possibltiy for me." ~ Amber Miller

"I thank you so much for taking the time to write that article! It was really good and very informative! I love your website! It is great! There is so much stuff to read and learn on your site! Thank you so much!" ~ Jamie Martino

"I was surfing the net this morning to find information on horses as I am a complete neophyte in this area. The only thing I know about horses is that I LOVE them! Your articles are so informative and well written, they are much appreciated." ..... "I just wanted to dash you out a note to thank you! I feel alot better now, and more optimistic, and really appreciate your comprehensive and informative response!" ..... "This is EXACTLY the kind of thorough information I was looking for! I can't say enough about how well written and well done your site is. I'm in heaven!" ~ Kris

"Hi - I love your site and I am so impressed with your gorgeous clip art backgrounds. You are very talented!" ~ Barbara Messina

"Thank you for your time answering my questions regarding my fillies. Your response was wonderful. You answered many of my questions and put this matter into perspective." ~ Marilyn Davis

"There is always something new and interesting at equusite.com for the horse enthusiast. The articles and features have a fresh slant geared toward young riders. Useful and instructional, they have an upbeat tone, but always maintain an undernote of social conscience. Adult visitors to the site will find a feeling of community where they can go for help with a question or problem. And, fun features like the picture of the day let you show off your favorite family members in an always positive and supportive atmosphere." ~

"Thanks Cheryl for your suggestions for "standing still for mounting." It was a nightmare to get our horse to stand still long enough to get on. I am so glad to have surfed the net to find your help web site. The first day using your method for mounting problem worked in 20 minutes. Now my daughter mounts right up and Ralph stands still, that used to be a battle and 10 - 15 minutes to get on him." ~ Penny

"Cheryl, Thank you for this informative and humorous look at a very necessary part of owning a stallion or a gelding. I have also found that no matter what hour (8 AM, 3 PM, Midnight...) I choose for this particular task, the whole neighborhood pops in for a visit with my stallion, and me with my arm up to the elbow in Heaven knows where (& what!)! Some mighty interesting explanations have been given to the more ignorant residents of the barn where I board, and I don't know how many times I have heard them say, "Thank God I have mares!" Thanks again for the laugh!" ~ Beth Riddle

"I also wanted to let you know that I think you are a wonderfully talented Artist! You do beautiful work. Have a fantastic week!" ~ Jamie

"What an absolutely wonderful web site you have developed. Congratulations on such hard work well done!" ~ Patrick Dunning

I want you to know I really enjoy your columns. I've had horses for almost 30 years, so much of what you have to say is very familiar to me. I'm glad to read information that is geared toward both the novice and the intermediate riders/owners. Your humor is GREAT! Keep up the good work! I'm spreading the word about what a great resource equusite.com is! ~ RKENJO

"Dear Sir/Mdm, I love this site very much cuz I'm searching about horses and their behaviour. It's helped me quite a lot." ~

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