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InfoHorse.com is where you will find Equine Professionals offering services, advice, product listings and horses for sale directly to you.

#1 internet destination for everything equine in the State of Florida.

Equine-Related Search Engine.

The ULTIMATE Horse Site
You'll find some articles, games, quizzes and lots of horsey fun at this site.

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Rescue & Rehab Websites:

PMU Foal Acquisition Network, Inc. is a volunteer non-profit foal placement group dedicated to minimizing the number of PMU foals that are sold at auction by facilitating the placement of these foals with responsible owners. For more information about the PMU Foal Acquisiton Network or to contact us, follow this link:

Wild Horse Foundation
It is our purpose to provide shelter, food, daily care, medical attention, rehabilitation and adoptions for horses that in need of refuge. We give priority to mustangs from all over the country because of the long heritage and legacy they have come from and will pass on while horses are our concern. We will act on any situation where equines are endangered or at risk and give shelter where none has existed.

The White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue
is a Virginia 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected and at-risk Appaloosa horses, especially those in danger of slaughter.

www.savethehorses.org Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund Inc.
The Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc. (HRRRFI) was created because there was an urgent need for service and education as well as change in public attitude regarding equines.

Ally's Haven
This site is dedicated to provide those horses that are physically and/or emotionally in need an opportunity to be rehabilitated with the hope of finding those that are able, a suitable career matching their physical and mental capabilities.

Animals 1st. www.animals1st.com
Making life better for the aged, neglected, and abused horses located in Montgomery County, Texas 936-228-0434

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Horse Training Websites:

Horse Trainers at InfoHorse.com
If you have horses, you will need a good Trainer to fully enjoy your equine friend. The links above will lead you to some of the best Horse Trainers in the world.

Steve Werklund - John Lyons Certified Trainer
Steve Werklund is a John Lyons Certified trainer who uses both the John Lyons method of training and other Natural Horsemanship training methods. He is now offering 3-week apprentiship programs.

Diane St. Peter John Lyons Certified Trainer - Heart's Desire Farm
We offer some of the nicest Morgan Horses anywhere. We specialize in Old Style New England bloodlines, some of which include the Lippitt bloodline. John Lyons Certified Trainer- Diane St. Peter.....training, lessons, and clinics available. We also raise ASCA registered Australian Shepherds.

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