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Training Principles

Every moment you spend with your horse,
you are either training him or untraining him...

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...whether you intend to or not.

Basic Training Principles:

Training Motivators - In order to teach a horse to do something, you need a good motivator. Here we will discuss different motivators, their good points and bad ones too.

Basic Equine Needs - Are you giving your horse what he needs to help prevent bad behavior, mental and health problems?

The Patience Game - This is one game you don't want your horse to win, ever! So many horse-people don't even realize they are letting their horse get away with winning this one!

Desensitizing & Sensitizing - In order to become an exceptional rider, trainer or owner, these concepts must first be understood and practiced correctly.

Equusite's Training Rules - Here we list a few of our strongest beliefs and rules on how we train our horses. We believe this information is good for anyone involved in horses.

Where Do You Start The Training? - Don't know where you should start with your horse's training? In this article, I'll tell you exactly where I start with every horse I train.

Applying Cues Effectively - It is important to apply your cues (or, aids) at a specific time in each stride to get a quick, balanced and harmonious response from your horse. This article will show you how.

Certified Instructors and Trainers:

John Lyons Trainers - List of John Lyons Certified Instructors on InfoHorse. Find a trainer to help you learn John Lyons' famous Conditioned Response training, and you and your horse will do more than succeed!

Clicker Training:

What is Clicker Training? - The sound of the clicker tells the animal that whatever it was doing at the exact moment it heard the clicker has earned it a reward. Learn more here...

Clicker Training Instruction Kit - Clicker origins, introducing your horse to a clicker, finding the right reward, varying the reinforcer, shaping behavior, links, pictures and online short videos.

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