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Healthcare and medical information can be written into articles one day and be outdated by new information the next. Therefore, the information in these articles should NOT be used as a substitute for proper veterinary diagnosis or treatment. If you observe any signs or symptoms in your horse that are stated in these health articles, contact your local veterinarian immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Health Topics:

Treating Founder - Create a lifestyle of soundness for your horse and learn to treat founder (chronic laminitis) naturally without the use of horseshoes.

Colic In Horses - What is colic? Take a tour of the gastro-intestinal tract and learn about the types of colic, signs and symptoms, and how to treat a horse with colic.

About Tying Up - Learn about what "Tying Up" is, and learn how to recognize the symptoms and take proper management and prevention measures.

Tying Up: Research - Change in Diet May be the Solution for Horses that Suffer from "Tying Up"!

Rain Rot (Rain Scald) - What is rain rot? What does it look like? How do you treat it? Learn all about it here.

Glaucoma - Glaucoma in horses is rare, however, it's not a topic to be dismissed from this page. This is a short article about Glaucoma.

Stringhalt - Stringhalt is an involuntary flexion of the hock, the leg springs upward in a reflex-like action. Read more about it here...

Stringhalt: Research - While there is not a lot known about the condition, some good research has been performed in Australia associated with the University of Melbourne Veterinary School. Here are some key points about the disease.

Navicular Problems - Has your horse been diagnosed with "Navicular Disease" or "Navicular Syndrome"? What can be done to prevent and treat navicular problems? Is your healthy horse at risk? Find out here...

Causes of Moon Blindness - Equine recurrent uveitis is a long lasting, painful eye disease that results in inflammation in some of the deeper eye structures, resulting eventually in blindness. Read more about it in this article.

Health Charts:

Pleasure Horse Vaccination Chart

Competition Horses & Yearlings Vaccination Chart

For Mare/Foal Vaccination Charts, Go To Our Breeding & Breeds Section.

Feeding and Supplements:

Basic Feeding - Important points about feeding hay, grain and water.

Choosing Good, Quality Hay - Learn all about the texture, stems & leaves, weight, color and smell of good hay, bad hay and mediocre hay. Learn how to choose the best hay for your horses.

Biotin and Fat Supplements - Swiss Study Shows That Biotin Improves Hoof Wall Quality. In addition, a study recently has been completed in Kentucky which aimed to determine whether feeding fat had any long term effects on the health and performance of horses. Read the results here...

Horse Treats:

Healthy Home-made Horse Treats

Other Horse Treats


A Bit About Teeth - Which teeth erupt at what ages? When do permanent teeth begin to erupt? Read about the aging process of teeth from birth up.

Equine Dental Exams - What does the exam consist of? How much does it cost? Where can I find a dental technician in my area?

Equine Dental Problems - It is very important to be aware of possible dental problems in horses. By the time you recognize any signs of dental pain, the horse has probably been miserable for some time.

www.EquineDentistry.info - Comprehensive information about equine dentistry and the effects of oral problems on performance, safety and economy.

Other Health Topics:

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Do Magnets Have Any Value?

Sheath Cleaning

Daily Stall Check

Vital Signs

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Easy Deworming

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