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Equine Behavior

Why does your horse act the way he does? What's that funny noise he makes? How can you prevent bad habits or aggressive behavior? Learn all about Equine behavior and what makes your horse 'tick' here...

General Behavior Topics:

Pecking Order in Herds - Every herd has a pecking order. This starts with one herd leader and goes down the chain to the last horse that is the most submissive. No two horses are ever equal.

What is Your Horse Saying? - What is a snort? What's the difference between a whinny and a neigh? What does it all mean? Explanations here!

Dr. Paul McGreevy on Horse Behavior - Interview with Dr. Paul McGreevy on studying horse behavior between feral and domesticated horses.

Bad Habits & Boredom - Can boredom lead to bad habits in horses such as cribbing, weaving and stall walking? Find out in this research article!

Specific Behavior Problems:

Sudden Behavior Changes - Does your horse behave well for you, but not for other people? Does he misbehave or act aggressive for the other people who need to handle him? If you answered yes, read this article.

Aggression During Feeding - Does your horse behave aggressively, pinning her ears, swishing her tail, or biting or kicking out when you come to her at feeding time? Find out how to nip this behavior in the bud.

Aggression Towards Other Horses - Information and advice on horses who act aggressive towards their pasture mates.

Stop Cribbing - How do you stop or help prevent a horse from cribbing? Should you try to stop him yourself? Learn about methods and products that may help.

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