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Contest Info & Rules

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How do the Daily Horse Pictures work?

Visitors send us their horse's pictures by using this page: Send Your Horse's Picture. Their pictures are then displayed in the Daily Horse Pictures feature. Pictures are displayed for 24 hours. Each day, visitors to Equusite.com view the horse pictures and rate each of them. At midnight, the rating closes for that day's pictures, and new pictures are displayed for the next day. All pictures will be available for viewing for a minimum of 1 year on the Picture Archives page.

How Does Rating work?

Rating is restricted to 1 vote per person per picture. Any duplicate entries will be discarded, and believe it or not...we'll know if you're cheating! If the owner or photographer of the photo is caught cheating, their photo will be removed from the contest. You will notice each picture's rating fluctuating throughout the day, depending on how each visitor rates the picture.

What is the Horse of the Month?

From the Daily Pictures that are displayed each day, the picture with the highest rating for the entire previous month will become the Horse of the Month for the current month. The Horse of the Month picture is displayed on the Equusite.com homepage with a link to it's own page! Pictures that win the Horse of the Month award will be displayed on the Horse of the Month Archives page for a minimum of 1 year.

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