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Interactive Story 1

"Time To Fly"

Author of this paragraph: RideDaKur      There she was on this blazingly hot day, sitting on the bottom bleacher of the arena. As she overlooked her shiny, dark bay stallion in the ring, with her hand shading her wrinkled, sunburned face, she thinks of how it used to be. As she drifts of into a mere daydream, thinking of her childhood, she smiles into the sun. Her body has been too weak to ride for a long time, and she had decided to hand the farm responisibilities over to her grand-daughter, Lily, years ago. She shifts her gaze back to the arena and notices how amazing Lily looks out there with their stallion, she thinks of how proud she is to see her riding her first stallion into his first show. Lily had raised him since he was born. And, here he is prancing around in the arean, he looks absolutely breathtaking...

Author of this paragraph: Caroline

     Despite how she looks out there under the hot sun, Lily feels that her horse just isn't himself and is moving quite awkwardly. He seems a bit more "full of himself" than usual and the suspension in his trot is huge enough to bounce her out of the saddle. He arches his neck and prances around. Lily quietly comforts him with her soft voice "Whooaa boy...eeaaasy"

Author of this paragraph: Jenn

     He really does look magnificent, Anne thought from her perch on the bleachers, where she was watching her friend Lily work with the beatiful bay stallion. The stallion was the last colt out of Lily's favorite aged mare who had tought her to ride when she was little. Lily had raised him and trained him all by herself. I wish I had a horse with that much talent, Anne thought to herself. Her green jumper mare had talent, but Anne wasn't sure how far she could go. Anne could recognize talent when she saw it. She had trained some top grand prix jumpers, but she seemed to be in a rut, she just couldn't find the right horse that she could take to the top, to the very top. She would like a foal that she could bring along by herself, like Lily did... She abruptly ended her thoughts as the majestic bay spooked at a low flying airplane. Lily soon had him under control again. Now she was warming him up over a low course of jumps. The show he was entered in was a jumper show for green jumpers, and had a variety of classes perfect for the stallion's show jumping debut.

Author of this paragraph: Misty

      As the loudspeaker called the horse's name, Lily could feel the stallion's muscles bunch under her as he effortlessly cleared one last jump and circled around to the starting gate. Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, and after a reassuring pat to her horse's neck, she tapped his flanks with her booted heels, she passed the laser that started the timer. She circled at a canter toward the first jump, felt his muscles bunch again, and sailed over the top. Fence after fence, combo after combo, the horse effortlessly clears them all. When he finishes the course, Lily, flushed with happiness, pats his sweaty shoulder in affection, a grin of pure joy on her face.

Author of this paragraph: Tessa holland

     But the coars isnt over yet until the passes throught the laser of the finish but only then is the smile on her face as big as she made it over the corse. Coarse it was all clean.

Author of this paragraph: Melissa

      As Lilly goes to exit the show ring she feels the tears of joy begin to fill up her eyes, she tries to blink them away but she can't. She was the last rider to ride the course and because she completed it perfectly she was now in first place... as the trophie was handed to her and the ribbon was placed over her horses head her grandmother was there to show how proud she was. Lilly couldn't have been happier!

Author of this paragraph: Lynn-Marie Kara

      With a sudden shriek from the stallion, he plowed to a stop, reared and whirled through the open gates, reflected lights of the arena glittering in the whites of his eyes. Lily, nearly unseated, grasped desperately at strands of whipping mane and clung to his neck in an effort to regain her balance. People scattered, frantically jumping aside to escape the onslaught of hooves and teeth. With his ears pinned flat against the black mane, foam streaking the sides of his open mouth, the bay stallion rammed the gate to the outside, shattering wood, throwing Lily to the ground and plunging into the forest beyond....

Author of this paragraph: anonymous

      Two month later Lily exits the hospital doors, walking without a hospital assistant for the first time. Her best friend Anne walks along side her just as she stood through the long road of recovery that Lily had overcome.

Author of this paragraph: Jane's Mom

      Lilly turns to her childhood best friend, and as she knew she would, Anne hears the dreaded question form on Lilly's lips. "how is he?" Anne had been rehearsing the answer she would give for weeks, but suddenly, face to face with her lifelong best friend, watching the tears form in her bright blue eyes, she knew she had to think fast. There was no way she could be blunt and to the point with her answer as she had convinced herself would be the best way to handle things. As Anne began to stutter and stammer and look away, Lily gently but firmly took her friends arm and said "tell me, I have to know. He is all I have thought of for the two long and grueling months I have been in this place. Please, Anne...tell me he is ok?"

Author of this paragraph: Lynn-Marie

     "I, uh, look Lily, maybe we could talk about this later -- when you're feeling more up to it?" "No, now Lily, *please!" "Okay, I just don't want you to feel any worse than you do. After your fall a bunch of us took off after him when he disappeared into the woods. We finally caught sight of him later that afternoon up on Badger Hill. Geez Lil, he was a mess, dirty as a mud hen and with scratches running the whole length of his body. He must have torn through those wild blackberry vines at full speed! The saddle was gone, reins trailing and..." "Anne, *please, get to the point; let me know how he is! Where is he? Did you catch him?" Is he...? Is he -- okay?" "No. I don't know. Maybe. He was there, standing on the lip of that hill and then he -- he just disappeared!" We searched all around the area. Not a trace of him. I'm sorry Lil, I just can't explain it, one minute he was there, the next...."

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     ....he was gone" From the look on Lily's face Anne knew that now was not the time for comforting words. Tears ran down Lily's face as she tried to take in what had just been said, she couldn't believe that the stallion she had raised from birth was missing with no trace. "We have to find him Anne, I don't care what it takes I will find him, I have to"

Author of this paragraph: Heather

      That next morning after a restless and unnerving sleep Lily rose from her bed confident that she would find him today no matter what it took. As she walked down the stairs to her grandmothers eat in kitchen, a feat she hadn't thouht she'd be able to do two months ago, she noticed her grandmother had gotten up earlier than her, as usual, to make her breakfast. It always filled the house with the most wonderful smells of bacon sizzling, and eggs frying, and those big fluffy pancakes she would make where to die for. Lily couldn't help thinking back to when she was a kid and remembered all the wonderful mornings the whole family would be sitting at the table enjoying there homemade breakfast while she always ate as quickly as possible so she could make it to the barn in time to help feed all of the horses, oh how she loved waking up to those horses. But this morning some how it didn't seem so urgent as she knew that the barn was short one very important member, and all the pancakes in the world were not going to make him reappear.

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     she dawdled slowly to the barn knowing that as soon as she got near she would get the urge to scream his name, hoping that she will hear his whinny in answer, but today was different, there was no usual stir of the stallions hooves in his stall as he could sense she was coming closer. There was nothing but silence.

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     She quickly saddled up her other horse, monty, and mounted eager to start her search for her missing stallion. Monty could sense her excitement and sprung into a gallop, along trails they galloped searching for even the slightest sign of hoof prints, there was nothing but old and rotting leaves from overhaning trees.

Author of this paragraph: horsartist

      Lily returned from her long and exhausting ride. She brushed Monty and put him in his pasture. Monty was such a good old boy. He had taught her nearly everything that she knew today. At 20 years old, he still had alot of good stuff in him. But, his aging bones just were not up to competition anymore. Lily remembered Monty when he first came to the farm. He was a very green horse, full of himself and not willing to let anyone ride him. Her grandmother, Jesse had worked with him daily until he was quiet and easy enough for a child of 8 to handle. Lily loved Monty and though no other horse would ever mean as much, she could not help loving the stallion. The stallion had come to the farm with a mare that her grandmother had bought. He was just a little thing, trotting along side his dam. As Lilly walked back to the barn to get a flake of hay for Monty, she remembered the first time she saw the little colt. He was being unloaded from the trailer. His dam came first, and then this wonderful little foal came bolting out of the trailer and crunched himself into his dam's side. He stayed beside her for most of the day. Lily tried to get close to him, but he would not let her. Lily spent days building a relationship between her and the foal. She finally won his confidence, he had been her boy every since. She had been the one to name him. She had named him "Time to Fly". He was called Fly. Lily had trained him and competed him. She knew that there would never be a horse in her life as great as Fly. She also knew that she would find him. Her grandmother had hired a private detective. The private detective was a crusty old guy. Lily had confidence in him. If anyone could find him, she was sure that he would. His name was Larry. He was into quarter horses and knew the horse world well. He had said that he thought someone had stollen the stallion. Larry said that Fly's value as a breeding stallion made it highly likely. So far Larry had no leads. The horse had not been sold at any of the local auctions. It was probable that whoever had stollen him would use him as a stud on their farm. Lily was angry whenever she thought about people who did know Fly handling him. Fly required a verys soft touch. Lily was sure that anyone with scrupples low enough to let them steal a horse would not care a fig about a horses feelings. Lily imagined a sorts of bad scenarios. She knew in her heart that Fly was not being taken care of.

Author of this paragraph: My QH

      She was very scared for him, hoping that everything would be okay. Larry was hoping too. For he knew she was counting on him. Within the next week or so she saw a picture, in a local advertising magazine, that looked exactly like him. Infact she knew it was him. He was up fo stud at about 10000 dollars. WOW she though. She ran to the phone and told Larry what she had seen. Larry told he to give him the name and number and he would see if it was him. She was soooo excited. The next day she....

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     The next day she rang Larry to see if he had found out if it was Fly or not, Larry wasn't at home and Lily knew that he was probably investigating the matter further. Lily prayed inside her that it was Fly, she had waited so long to see him and a moment longer was too much longer. She saddled Monty and set off to the stud which the stallion was for sale, on her way there she ran into Larry. He said.............

Author of this paragraph: anonymous

      Whoa there little lady why are you in such a hurry. She tells him she is off to rescue fly from the stable that is going to sell him to a circus.

Author of this paragraph: horsedreamer

     Gulping back the lie she'd just told, Lily nudged Monty with her heels and took off. Once at the stud, she dismounted and tied Monty to a fencepost, surveying the small, immaculate stable yard. The barn was freshly painted in a crisp, cheery white, and the emerald-green pastures that surrounded it help contented, well-fed horses. Lily's eyes drifted to a large, well-kept arena, where a young girl was working a majestic stallion...the very stallion that Lily was looking for. At first she started to move towards the arena, but then she saw something that held her to her spot. The girl dismounted and threw her arms around the stallion's neck, whispering into his ear. The stallion blew softly into the girl's hair and butted her gently with his nose. Together they moved off to the stable, the picture of loving friendship. Lily swallowed her tears and let her mind drift back to when she had been such a horse-crazy girl, falling in love with a special horse that meant the world to her. Unable to confront the girl about the stallion, Lily headed back towards Monty and........

Author of this paragraph: anonymous

     untieign him she decided to let go of the past and see what the furture held for her. Later that month her prize mare gave birth to a ...

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     chestnut filly, instantly she fell in love with the little foal. Maybe history was repeating itself or meybe this was a beginning of a beautiful friendship, who knows. Watching her closly Lily chose the perfect name for the filly.....

Author of this paragraph: JC Rainy

      Starstruck. She was so perfect. She seemed to have the champion blood of Fly running through her. Watching her, Star flung herself in a mad gallop aroung her paddock, her mother just watching. Faster and faster she went round, and headed straight for the rail fence. NO! Lily screamed. But it was too late. The year old filly jumped the paddock fence. History was repeting itself.

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     Laughing Lily walked after the foal so she could put her back in the paddock, but as soon as Lily looked up she saw something she could never forget, right in front of her was a stallion peering over the fence from where Starstruck had just jumped. It looked exactely like him, the muscular neck, the long mane and tail, but it couldn't be Fly had long since been with the young girl. Lily slowly walked up to the stallion, as she did the stallion turned around in a full gallop, getting ready to jump the fence. This paddock is where I raised Fly, Lily thought as she watched in amazement.....

Author of this paragraph: Dani

      This could not be, Fly could not have surrvived on his own in the forests of Wyoming. This horse seemed healthy, well fed and full of energy. "I'd better call that little girl with the black stallion and see if something has happened to him" she thought. She truly longed for it to be Fly, but reality's statistics estimated the chances of Him being Fly, her baby, were 1 in a thousand. Turning towards the house to make her telephone call, she remembered on quirk of Fly's that could prove if it was him, the real Fly not just a look alike. When Fly was 4 year old and his traing under saddle has just begun, Lily made a point to take him over every new fence from both sides. (it's always just as scary from the other side to a green horse) His jump carrer just schooling just beginning to start, the arena was filled with small x's and 2 foot verticals. Being a very exuberant youngster, keeping Fly in a stall would have beeen detrimental to his health and well being so, Fly got turned out in the schooling arena, where he kept himself busy jumping everyfence going north and every fence going south. Lily had never seen a stallion with so much excess energy! Remembering Fly and their first experiences together like it was yesterday, she flashed to a test that could determine her delema once and for all. Running straight for the arena fence, Lily only watched and waited. Hoping with all her might that Fly would stop in the arena and jump the fences in it. If this were the true Fly, he would do it. Stallions have obsessions just like people, Fly's was jumping, he enjoyed it. Leaping gracefully over the arena fence Lily's heart froze, the way he jumped was exactly like the real Fly, could it be, would he stop and jump?

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     The stallion stood stock still staring at the jumps in the arena, like he was remembering something that always apealled to him. As fast as he had stop ha took off again, but not jumping any jump that came up in front of him, but the routine that Lily had always taken him through before a jumping lesson. As the phone clicked over the little girl answered with a hopeful voice, one that sounded like she had lost her best friend. Lily didn't need to ask, she knew as soon as she had seen the stallion jump the course like a champion that it was Fly, the little girl must be so worried about her horse. But leagaly the stallion was Lily's because it had been stolen from her. How could she tell the little girl that her stallion had come back to her after all this time and that hye was stolen. Lily couldn't, so she simply told the girl that her stallion had been found and was at Lily's farm. After hanging up Lily decided to ring Larry, the not so helpful detective that Fly had been found by her. All was about to become reality......

Author of this paragraph: Atilando

     Lily took a deep breath and slowly walked to the paddock. What was she going to do....! Well, first she had better confine the filly. It would do her no good to lose two beloved horses on the same day. As Lily cajoled the filly into capture and was leading her towards the barn, a very somber Larry drove into the yard. He was not alone. Seated beside him was a tiny girl; a girl with big tears running down her rosy cheeks. The little girl burst from the car and ran as fast as she could for the paddock which held her big stallion. The horse spun, neighed and pranced to the slight figure climbing the fence. Lily turned to Larry, with an astonished expression. Larry, who stood red-faced and quiet, uttered "This is Mary, my daughter." She had had a bad accident and was totally unresponsive to anything, until that stallion came into her life. Her dream-horse brought her back to us. How could I take that away.

Author of this paragraph: Atilando

     Lily walked quietly back to the paddock. "I've made my decision, now I must stick to it." she cried. Lily absent-mindly caught the filly and returned her to her dam, the glory of the moment somehow darkened. She turned as she hear a car come up the drive and realized it was Larry; but he wasn't alone. The door flew open and a slight girl jumped out, heading full-tilt for the stallion. Lily looked at Larry with astonishment! The child was the same little girl that Lily saw that day with her horse. Larry, red-faced but somber told Lily that the child was his daughter, Mary. He went on to say that Mary had been in a serious accident that left her unresponsive to anything around her. She never spoke a word, nor moved a muscle until the stallion appeared at their home. "How could I tell you?" he whispered. "Mary knows she can never ride that horse, except at home, so her dream is to raise a foal,a filly by him. Suddenly, Lily had a brainstorm,,,,,,

Author of this paragraph: Nitetrain

     "Mary, my name is Lily. I have something special to show you." As the trio moved toward the stable, Larry told his daughter the story of Fly and how he had come to their house. Lily held her breath, waiting for the cries that she was sure she would hear. But Mary didn't cry; instead she hugged Lily and told her that she knew there was a girl somewhere who loved that stallion. She knew this day would come. Lily was torn between tears of love for the horse and also for this very grown up young girl. "Wait," she said, "I still have something to show you." As they entered the barn, Mary stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the little filly; a re-incarnation of her sire. "Would you give this filly a good home? Her name is Starstruck and she is looking for a little girl of her own." Larry looked at Lily and then at his daughter. Mary slowly turned to Lily, with happy tears this time and said,,,,,,,

Author of this paragraph: Marie

      What? What did you say? the girl said as though afraid it was a dream. Mary I want you to have Starstruck she is a special filly that needs a wonderful girl of her own to look after her. suddenly as though the filly knew what was going on she turned to Mary and winnied trying to get to her. Mary walked over to her and said "shush girl its ok I'm here i love you baby". Lily turned around and said to Larry "I would like to start training Mary to ride my horses and, i would like to help her train Starstruck. She is a champion and i know with my help training a gentle approach and Mary riding her that she could go a long way as an eventer". Please let me Mary? Of course! if nothing but to thank you because i never thought i could have such a wonderful horse!. Fly winnied and Lily smiled lets go get him shall we? we have a ways to go before she is old enough to ride till then you and i both will ride Fly.

Author of this paragraph: Laura Lovehorsesalot

     Mary skreached with joy as they all walked up to Lily's house, they had a lot to talk about before Mary could start riding Fly. There is not day that goes by without Lily's thinkng how wonderdful the world can be.

Author of this paragraph: anonymous

      THE END!

Background photo courtesy of Vista del Lago Farm. Photo is of Fandango D, he is a 16.1h registered Bay Andalusian Stallion. Spanish Cria Caballar Approved for breeding. He is registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association. For more information on Fandango D, visit the Vista del Lago website!

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