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Teach Your Horse To Hug You
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [1997]

Teaching your horse to hug you is a very simple and easy trick to learn. The only equipment you'll need is your horse's favorite treats, carrots or apple slices.

1. Teach this trick while your horse is in a stall or other small enclosed area. Do not tie him to anything (he needs freedom of his head to hug you!)

2. Stand on his side with your back to his shoulder. It is easiest to stand this way while teaching this trick. (After you've taught this trick well enough, you can turn around to hug him back).

3. Hold a treat in your hand and let him smell it. Give him a verbal cue (this is important), say "Hug".

Trick Training: Hug / Step 4

4. Bring the treat slowly back towards his barrel (so that he has to reach around you to get it).

5. When he does this, reward him with the treat and praise him.

6. After several repetitions, you should be able to eliminate the treats and he will hug you on the verbal command "Hug".

Trick Training: Hug / Step 7

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