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Wash Stall Equipment
WRITTEN BY: Cheryl Sutor   [May, 1 2000]

The following equipment should always be kept in a wash stall, where horse owners and boarders can easily access them. Keep everything up-to-date and refill bottles whenever necessary. Always make sure supplies in the First Aid Kit are immediately replaced upon use to ensure the supplies will always be readily available to you. Keep all items off the ground-level in a wall-mounted rack that will allow proper air-flow for the items to dry. Allowing the items to remain wet may result in the spreading of bacteria and fungus. Here are the items that are needed:
>> Equine shampoo and conditioner all stored in a wall-mounted rack (whitening products are optional).

>> A leave-on coat conditioner and moisturizer (avoid sillicone based products).

>> A rubber curry comb and a stiff brush for scrubbing manure and grass stains.

>> Hoof care items such as a hoofpick/brush (for before bathing) and hoof conditioner (for after bathing).

>> Metal and plastic/rubber sweat scrapers to remove excess water from the horse's coat.

>> Small towel or wash cloth (this always comes in handy when you least expect it).

>> Several sponges of different sizes and colors. It is a good idea to label the sponges according to their use (example: use on face, use on body, use on rear).

>> Equine First Aid Kit. Including ointments and applications for small injuries and sun-burn, such as Horseman's Dream and Bag Balm.

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