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Broodmare Vaccination Chart

Botulism Organism:Clostridium botulinum. Organism is ingested or absorbed through wounds. Causes neurologic disease.

4 weeks before foaling

NOTES: Mares in areas of high risk (mostly Kentucky and Ohio) should be vaccinated 1 month prior to foaling to prevent shaker foal syndrome, a neurologic disease in newborn foals.
Insect-bourne neurologic disease that is fatal.

4-6 wks before foaling

NOTES: Mandatory vaccination. Booster every 6 months in risky areas. Should be administered in spring just before insects appear. Humans can become infected if not vaccinated.
Tetanus Organism:Clostridium tetani. Organism enters wounds and releases toxins resulting in neurologic disease. Can be fatal.

4-6 wks before foaling

NOTES: Re-vaccinate if wounded 6 months or more after most recent booster. Tetanus organism is present in every region.
Influenza Respiratory infection. Signs: fever, depression, nasal discharge, cough.

Every 6 months
1 booster 4-6 weeks before foaling

NOTES: Producing & maintaining an effective vaccine is difficult, since there are many strains of the virus.
Strangles Organism:Streptocuccus equi. Respiratory infection. Signs: fever, nasal discharge, abscessed lymph nodes under lower jaw.

4-6 wks before foaling

NOTES: Highly contagious.
Potomac Horse Fever Orgamism:Ehrlichia risticii. Severe diarrhea with high rate of fatality.

4-6 wks before foaling
Annually thereafter

NOTES: Only in eastern half of US. Vaccinate every 4 months in high risk areas. Annually where risk is low. Vaccine is incomplete and short-lived, but vaccinated animals have a lower mortality rate and less severe signs with the disease.
Rabies Neurologic disease. 100% fatal.


NOTES: [none]
Rhinopneumonitis Equine Herpes Virus. Two strains: EHV-1 and EHV-4.

Vaccinate before breeding
5th, 7th & 9th months of gestation
4-6 wks before foaling

NOTES: EHV-4 causes respiratory disease. EHV-1 causes abortion in pregnant mares, neurologic disease in mature horses, and respiratory disease. This virus is very widespread.
Rotavirus DOSAGE:
8th, 9th & 10th month of gestation
Booster 30-60 days of gestation
Annual thereafter

NOTES: This vaccination is a cattle drug not approved for use on horses. Check with your veterinarian before use.
Equine Viral Arteritis Respiratory disease. Signs: high fever, edema, leaky blood vessels. Abortion in preg. mares.

Booster 3-4 wks prior to breeding

NOTES: Only needed if breeding to known carrier stallions. Do not vaccinate preg. mares the last 2 months of gestation. Check regulations prior to vaccinating.
NOTE: New vaccines are created frequently. Please check with your veterinarian for the most updated vaccines and health care schedules. Ask your vet about the new West Nile Virus vaccine, and the EPM vaccine. This chart is supplied only as an example of a Foal's Vaccination Schedule. Your horse's vaccination schedule should be tailored specifically to your horse's needs by your veterinarian.

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