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Broodmare Care Schedule

18 Ultrasound check for pregnancy.
45 Manual palpation, deworming with Ivermectin and Influenza vaccination.
90 First Pneumabort-K vaccination, Deworming with Strongid-T or Telmin-B, and manual palpation.
135 Deworming with Ivermectin, Influenza vaccination and manual palpation.
150 Manual palpation, Pneumabort-K vaccination.
180 Deworming with Strongid-T or Telmin-B.
210 Pneumabort-K vaccination, Influenza vaccination.
225 Deworming with Ivermectin.
240 Manual palpation and Pneumabort-K vaccination.
270 Deworming with Ivermectin.
300 Influenza, Tetanus-toxoid, and Strangles vaccinations.
315 Deworming with Ivermectin.
NOTE: New dewormers and vaccines are created frequently. Please check with your veterinarian for the most updated health information and health care schedules. This chart is supplied only as an example of a Broodmare Care Schedule. Your broodmare's care schedule should be tailored to your horse's needs by your veterinarian.

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